Billings Method

  • The Billings Method is a means of natural fertility regulation that does not require any form of rhythm counting, temperature taking, drugs or devices.

  • The Billings Method is based on the symptoms of fertility and infertility. Mucus, which is produced at the cervix, is felt by a woman at the vulva as she goes about her daily activities. A woman never needs to touch the mucus with her fingers and internal investigation is never required.

  • The Billings Method is applicable from puberty to menopause, in times of breastfeeding, post hormonal medication and approaching menopause. It can be used to achieve or avoid pregnancy. Cycles do not have to be regular.

  • There are four simple rules of the Billings Method which are applied whether the couple wishes to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

  • The use of the Billings Method is not compatible with barrier or hormonal forms of contraception, either during the learning period or for family planning purposes.

  • Hormonal medication such as that contained in the Pill and fertility control implants regulate the hormone levels and interfere with the functioning of the cervix, thus distorting the natural symptoms of fertility. It may take some time after ceasing this type of medication for the natural symptoms of fertility to recover.

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